🇪🇸  Course Intermediate VBT
🇪🇸  Course Intermediate VBT

    🇪🇸 Course Intermediate VBT

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    Language: 🇪🇸 Spanish

    Duration: 3h

    Content: 9 modules of theoretical and practical content. See description below

      Language: Spanish 🇪🇸

      Duration: 3h


      WE CUT TO THE CHASE: 9 modules of exclusive content, a total of 3h. You won't find anything like it on the internet. Each module is accompanied by a practical video in the gym with real athletes:


      • VBT DICTIONARY: we explain all the terminology used, the difference between MV and MVP, intra, between fatigue, etc.

      • LOAD-VELOCITY PROFILE: From theory, what it is, how to create it, how to manipulate, and how It works (with excel as an explanatory gift). In the practice, we create 2 profiles simultaneously with 2 athletes in the gym.

      • CE AND VELOCITY LOSS: We explain the theory, how to manage fatigue, and why it is important. In the practical part, we give you examples of how to apply it to achieve your goals.

      • FEEDBACK: Scientifically proven benefits of feedback. A practical proposal, how to give feedback to your athletes and what types are there to maximize benefits and motivation.

      • PRACTICE PROPOSAL: Just practice, no theory here. We go to a gym and we suggest 2 ways to work with VBT: based on an estimated 1RM and based on velocity zones.

      • ROM, ECCENTRIC: How to evaluate other variables apart from velocity, what they tell us, and how we can take advantage of it.

      • VERTICAL JUMP: How to calculate the height of the vertical jump with the encoder and how to apply it for sports performance.

      • EXTRA: Gift of a 4 weeks vertical jump routine + explanatory video by Leandro Carbone.
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